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A web 2.0 website is a talented salesperson on a larger scale

The most talented of salespeople are capable of creating methods that identify target markets, gather contact information and provide a mechanism of marketing their particular service to that market.

Increased user interaction, greater ability to syndicate content to a larger audience, scientific methods to measure how many users are searching key terms and phrases in Google and then to optimise your website for the same specific keywords and phrases - web 2.0 provides a quantifiable mechanism to reach your target market and to capture their contact information for your sales team.

It appears that a web 2.0 website is not just capable of doing this but of doing it a much broader scale, a significantly reduced on-going cost and in a manner than truly grows the business and increases the business' intrinsic value and reputation in the market.

Why a web 2.0 website will work ?

   1. Many marketing managers, key corporate executives and businesses have moved online to research products and services required for their company through search engines such as Google,

   2. It is now possibly to quantify exactly how many people are searching specific keywords and phrases relevant to your business' products and services and to get an idea of exactly who the competition is,

   3. Through strategic development, search engine optimisation and targeted content syndication through corporate blogging, it is possible to educate these people who are searching for information relating to the services of your business or the services themselves,

   4. By creating a relationship with your potential clients by educating them in this manner, it is possible to gather their contact information through strategic calls to action and simultaneously generate a very 'hot' lead that can be instantly emailed to your sales team.

Web 2.0 online marketing and corporate blogging are no longer hit and miss methods;  they form a systematic, scientific and sustainable method of growing your business whilst at the same time educating your target market.

So, why is a web 2.0 website better than a £30,000 salesperson's salary ?
Lets assume that a business can spend £30,000 on an additional salesperson's salary for one year or invest a lot less on the design and development of a cutting-edge and strategic web 2.0 website.

Lets also assume that the business already has at least 2 salespeople and that the current methods of attracting clients mainly consist of a combination of referrals and targeted cold calling.

   1. An extra salesperson could not possibly add the same amount of value in terms of relevant sales lead generation that a properly designed and target web 2.0 website could,

   2. The generated leads form a web 2.0 website will be in the market for your services; rather than having to use salespeople to sift through 100’s of companies trying to find the right client for your product, a successful web 2.0 website will find those companies who have just searched for information relevant to your company,

   3. A innovative and cutting-edge web 2.0 website will increase the business' reputation and aid the existing sales team in the offline sales process by specifically designing case studies areas, common presentations and email marketing campaigns on the website in a manner that an extra salesperson could never succeed in.

   4. Writing specific blogs on a client by client basis provides the existing sales team with a reason to contact existing leads in an informative and beneficial manner.

   5. A web 2.0 website is a long-term investment and provides significant on-going value following the first year whereas a salesperson's salary is likely to increase in costs the next year.

   6. A web 2.0 website that is actually representative of your companies strategy, products and direction will drive business growth through increased leads, reputation and intrinsic value.

   7. A web 2.0 website is capable of meeting many other business requirements such as on-going support, product and services updates, business information and client login areas.

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