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Mon 3 Dec, 2007 | Category: Latest News and Gossip | Print

Is Your Website An Asset Or a Liability?

Remember back in the good ol'days when having a website was something every company needed and wanted?

We all know that we need a website, but many of us think that simply having one is enough. In fact, there is research indicating that many firms with an online presence haven't touched their websites in years. They haven't spent any time improving functionality and appearance, and they have yet to consider the basics of website usability and the inherent potential of search engine optimisation. It's easy to see that if your site is an outdated eyesore, it becomes a liability that hurts you more than it helps you. Conversely, a well-designed site can make all the difference. It's the first place users go to research your products and services, to make purchases, serves as a lead generator, a CRM tool, and even differentiates you from your competition.

We've all heard the adage about first impressions, and it's no secret that they're the most important factor in the way people remember their first encounter with you or with your website. On one hand, a well-designed, user-friendly website will showcase your business and your brand, impressing clients. On the other hand, an outdated and otherwise bad website can hurt you far more than it can help you. Potential customers will eliminate you as a possible vendor after interacting with your brand and substandard website for only a few minutes.

I'll utilise a property analogy here to expand upon this thought. You'll impress guests when they arrive at your home if it's clean, well-kept, landscaped, painted, and overall welcoming. But, if you arrive at a home that's dilapidated and falling apart with chipped paint and an overgrown lawn, you'll think a lot of less of whoever lives there. Are they lazy slobs? Maybe. Or maybe they just haven't had time to take care of the property. Either way, your first impression is less than positive. We all try not to "judge a book by its cover," but in an online atmosphere, a company's website is their cover, the digital face they present to the world, so in that case you can't not judge the book by its cover. After all, that's all you have to go by.

So this must leave you wondering: Is my website an asset or a liability?

By speaking with us today, you can find out if it's time for an overhaul or just some simple changes. Or maybe your site doesn't need any work at all. Ready to find out?

Contact us today and we'll help you turn your website back into a business asset instead of a liability, and watch as your web presence creates leads and ultimately sales that impact your bottom line..

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